About Us

TERA Lighting is a Christchurch based Lighting supplier established in 2017. Our goal is to inject better value and variety into New Zealand’s lighting choices, allowing our customers to select fittings with a premium build and finish at affordable prices.

Quality is our primary concern, we select the best fittings from hundreds of products before introducing them to the market to guarantee they are safe and work well locally.

Have a specific lighting requirement? We work closely with our manufacturers and are proud to be one of the only suppliers in the country to involve our clients regarding optimisations or new features. We are passionate about the future of lighting and look forward to bringing you state of the art features, check out our catalogue today.

DMX Lighting Specialists
DMX is a lighting protocol which is used for animating colorful LED lighting for bars, clubs and other entertainment venues, but are also used in architecture and advertising. Providing more control than a simple RGB controller can offer, a DMX lighting system can help you take complete control of the bar or nightclub’s atmosphere. If you have a dance club or want to host live music on a regular basis, having a DMX controller is a must. Being able to match the lighting effects to the music being played enhances the customer experience and can make your nightclub the kind of place where customers line-up on weekends.

We at TERA Lighting are DMX lighting specialists. We will discuss your vision with you and offer the programming and hardware required to implement this in an integrated design and installation package.